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About Compact Science Systems

Compact Science Systems is dedicated to the delivery of robust high-quality instruments that are simple to use, yet provide all the flexibility required by a commercial or research environment.

Our founder, Dennis Leigh, is one of the leading experts in the mass spectrometry world with many years of experience. Dennis has designed and manufactured pioneering instruments for most of the major companies in the field, including Thermo, Europa, Micromass and Analytical Precision. Compact Science’s objective is clear; to produce rugged, compact and high precision instruments that can be operated by non-specialist technicians with a minimum of training. The success of this approach was apparent when The European Space Agency chose Compact Science Systems, in 2000, to design and build an IRMS system for The Beagle II Mars Lander. This instrument formed the foundations of the Compact Science product range you see today.

The Compact Science family has many decades of experience in providing quality mass spectrometers, complemented by a high level of after-sales service and personal support. that larger companies can’t provide.