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Established in 2007, Compact Science Systems was formed to design and manufacture the IRMS on the European Space Agency’s Beagle 2 Mars lander. The invaluable lessons learnt and the technology developed whilst working on this project resulted in the creation of our small and rugged IDMicro range of IRMS.

With a combined eighty years of mass spectrometer experience, Compact Science Systems now distribute high-performance IRMS instrumentation to labs, research institutes, oil service companies and universities worldwide. Our products are used in diverse applications such as breath test studies, food authenticity, agriculture, environmental analysis, criminal investigation, materials analysis, and fuel characterisation.

Situated in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, UK, with easy access to and from Manchester, Birmingham, and East Midlands airports, we’re conveniently located for you to visit our office, view our products and talk to us in person about your isotope analysis needs.

Our Objective

To produce compact, robust and high-precision instruments that give the best results and can be operated by non-specialist technicians with a minimum of training.

We have a close relationship with our customers, providing innovative products and attentive support. We have designed and manufactured pioneering products and services for leading companies and organisations such as Thermo, Europa, Micromass, Analytical Precision and various oil and gas companies.

As we only partner with the best in the industry to help build our systems, you will benefit from an accredited build quality guarantee from our suppliers, as well as a full product quality guarantee from us.

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