ID Micro EA

The IDmicro EA provides a complete solution for users who require a simple and robust system for C, N, O and S elemental analysis. The IDmicro is coupled to a universal elemental analyser interface that allows the user to choose the brand of EA most suitable to their application.

The system follows the basic principles of all Compact Science’s instruments; precise, robust and simple to use. With the ease of use comes the confidence that is required for a non-specialist technician to run and manage the instrument in a commercial laboratory environment. To underline its simplicity, all tuning and correction functions are partially or fully automated.

Elemental analyser SO2 configuration. Elemental analyser NC configuration.

The integrated magnet is permanently fixed in the correct position requiring no adjustment by the user, again making this operationally one of the simplest instruments available. Analysis involves little more than loading samples and initiating an automated batch analysis. Peak centre, background subtraction and linearity routines are all performed automatically, making life as simple as possible for the end user.

IDmicro EA Connectivity Analytical Results are displayed clearly on the instrument’s sample sheet, with a report wizard allowing you to display as much or as little information as required. Data can be exported to Microsoft Excel, Access Database’s or most pre-existing Laboratory Integrated Management Systems (LIMS).

If technical issues arise that cannot be addressed locally, the IDmicro has an inbuilt IP address, allowing Compact Science technicians to connect remotely to the instrument for fault diagnosis and rectification.

To make the analytical process as simple as possible, IsoDelta EA provides a fully dedicated and flexible software suite for even the most exacting EA gas analysis requirements.