IDMicro EA
Innovative, Accurate & Dependable

Precision Elemental & Isotopic Analyser

Prioritise precision in environmental science, geological investigations and food analysis studies with the IDMicro EA. Suitable for many applications, the IDMicro EA is an affordable and easy-to-use instrument for C, N, O and S isotopic and elemental analysis. 15N and 13C can be measured simultaneously with options for 34S and 180. The IDMicro EA will provide you with the accurate data you need.
IDMicro EA - Compact Science Systems

Compact, Affordable & Consistent

One of the easiest to use and most robust elemental and isotopic analysers available, the IDMicro EA allows non-specialist technicians to manage the instrument and produce precise, reliable results. Although uncomplicated to use, the IDMicro EA will provide your lab with a powerful tool that will produce excellent data and enhance your productivity.

The high-performance IDMicro EA combines elemental analysers from NC Technology and our IDMicro IRMS, providing you with an efficient instrument as well as service and consumables support. Our elemental and isotopic analyser uses less helium and reference gas and has lower power consumption than other elemental analysers, saving your laboratory money.

IRMS - Compact Science Systems

It's the smallest bench-top Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer in the world, but that doesn't mean small performance.

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