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Announcing the smallest leap in the history of the mass spectrometer.
Small wonder.
The IDmicro is very different from any other system in production today. Not only is it the smallest and lightest commercial IRMS ever built, but its running cost and sales price make it one of the most economic.

At the heart of the IDmicro is a highly robust IRMS, designed for routine Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Sulphur isotope analysis.

Inner space.
IDmicro Dimensions IDmicro Detector Mass Range IDmicro Connectivity The IDmicro originates from the system Compact Science manufactured for the European Space Agency's Mars Lander. One of the key requirements for this application was state-of-the-art remote operating functionality.

This is why the IDmicro is capable of working independently and remotely, with minimal downtime and technical input. For smooth operating efficiency, communication with the IRMS takes place via an Ethernet connection, with the IRMS possessing an embedded IP address. This enables Compact Science technicians to control the instrument directly from any location in the world served by an internet connection. This permits remote fault diagnosis and repair. Meanwhile, in the laboratory, all your team needs to do is load samples and let the IDmicro do the analysis. If the system cannot be fixed on site, the unit is small enough to pack up and courier back to Compact Science for service.

Low power and gas consumption.
As the origins of the IDmicro stem from space exploration, low power consumption has always been an important requirement. As such the system has very low energy consumption (300W), not only showing its green credentials, but also facilitating field deployment were power may be a limiting factor. The system also draws reference gas only when required, with no open splits or wasteful purging.

Getting with the program.
A mass spectrometer is only as good as the software through which it is controlled. This is why Compact Science has gone to great lengths to produce IsoDelta, a package that boasts a clear and intuitive user interface for simple, fast and automated analysis. This is combined with a fully configurable sample sheet for fast data input and full compatibility with Excel and a range of commonly used databases.

Results management is just a click away, with standard web format hyperlinks taking you directly to the data you're looking for. Once you're there, our special "Batch Wizard" will help design and configure the Results Batch Report you want, with as much (or as little) information as you need.

Leading by example.
To give you some idea of the accuracy of our IDmicro, when it's connected to a suitable elemental analyser, it can achieve the following precision in EA-IRMS mode. For 100 g of Carbon in Urea at natural level, precision is 0.2 per mil. For 100 g of Nitrogen in Urea at natural level, precision is 0.3 per mil. Elemental composition for Carbon and Nitrogen will be reported.
Click on an application below to discover more about the uses of the IDmicro.
IDmicro Breath IDmicro EA
Further analysis.
As scientists, we appreciate the need for in-depth analysis. So click here to see the full specification of the IDmicro or here to contact a member of our team.
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