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Our product range

ID Micro

The IDmicro is very different from any other system in production today. Not only is it the smallest and lightest commercial IRMS ever built, but its running cost and sales price make it one of the most economic.

ID Micro Breath

The IDmicro Breath follows the basic principles of all of Compact Science’s instruments; precise, robust and simple to use. The instrument is designed to provide the non-specialist technician with a tool to produce results with minimal effort and downtime.

ID Micro EA

The IDmicro EA provides a complete solution for users who require a simple and robust system for C, N, O and S elemental analysis. The IDmicro is coupled to a universal elemental analyser interface that allows the user to choose the brand of EA most suitable to their application.

Isologger MS

Traditional Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometers (SIRMS) are considered to be complicated, costly, cumbersome instruments. Their combination of bulk and fragility means that they’re only able to differentiate elements by their mass to charge ratio (m/z) from the isolation of large regional lab facilities.